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Thank You for considering Global to assist in your Roof Leak Event.

We have 3 different solutions based upon the level of urgency created by the leak


(Targeted Response 1-2 Days*)

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When you or your tenant have water coming in to a building you need to respond quick, minimize damage and get back to business with as little disruption as possible. Global Leak Techs can be dispatched out, investigate the solution and perform repairs in the same visit. Pricing for this service is on a time and material basis for the actual cost to perform the work required.


(Targeted Response 2-5 Days*)

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In instances in which you require an estimate before authorizing leak service, we can send a repair salesman to the site to investigate the leak, evaluate the severity and assess any damage it is causing. He will provide you with a complete PDF Leak Report of his findings including an estimate of what it will cost to correct the condition. IMPORTANT: Repair Salesmen are not equipped to perform repairs and your actual repair work can not be scheduled until we receive a written authorization which can further extend the time it takes to get an actual technician out to resolve the issue. The cost for Leak Investigations is $250 but the entire amount is credited back to you in the event you move forward with repairing the leak with Global.


(Targeted Response 1-2 Weeks*)

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In instances in which the leak area is contained you may elect to do a Complete Roof Assessment to not only address the immediate leaks but evaluate the condition of your entire roof system and be able to put together a proactive program that could prevent leaks and ultimately extend the useful life of your entire roof system. The results of the Assessment are provided to you online within the GlobalFM System and includes roof composition, photo and video observations, deficiencies with pricing and an overall recommendation on how to get the most out of your roof system. 

($500 Minimum Charge)

Initiate your leak service:

Thanks for giving us the opportunity! A GlobalFM Rep will contact you within 30 minutes to set up your leak service.

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